Bring The Law Into Your Corner

Reliable Planning For Your Real Estate Needs

Real estate plans can quickly fall apart when a dispute presents itself. When settling a dispute can cost considerable amounts of money and effort, it is important to settle these matters quickly and efficiently. In order to reach a swift and positive outcome in your real estate legal matters, you deserve to have a strong attorney at your side.

At Dakhlallah Law, PLLC, you can find a Michigan attorney who has dedicated herself to helping her clients through even the most complicated real estate matters. Attorney Megan Dakhlallah works closely with her clients to ensure that she is protecting their best interests throughout the process of their legal matters.

Guidance You Can Trust

When an attorney does not fully devote themselves to your needs, you may not receive the outcome you deserve from them. Attorney Dakhlallah commits herself to help her clients in commercial and residential real estate issues like:

  • Boundary disputes
  • Commercial lease disputes
  • Developing property
  • Common area disputes and easements
  • Construction disputes
  • Disputes over insurance coverage

Ms. Dakhlallah does her due diligence to ensure she has a full understanding of the situation at hand. By communicating with surveyors, contractors and other experts in the related fields, she will gather the information and testimony necessary to benefit you. When these types of real estate matters become difficult, Ms. Dakhlallah is ready to handle the complex litigation that is bound to follow.

Meet With A Dedicated Attorney

Ms. Dakhlallah is a lawyer you can trust to protect your best interests through every step of your real estate needs. She prides herself on remaining in constant contact with her clients and ensures that they are never in the dark about what is happening. If you are ready to meet Ms. Dakhlallah at her Dearborn office, contact her by calling 734-526-0147 or email her to schedule your initial consultation today.